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CRE8 TEES is a fully crowdfunded graphic tee company. This is probably a new concept to you. The way it works is, our fashions are funded via patrons on our Patreon Page. For as little as $1 monthly, our patrons(and you too, if you see fit) are able to support our line. For their patronage, patrons are awarded with free tees, discounts, gifts, and other perks including exclusive content. Because we are fully crowdfunded, we have smaller inventories until we reach our patronage goal, which will finance our entire line. For that reason, some of our unfunded designs are "not available" until funds are raised to produce them. Thank you for your interest and support in Cre8 Tees! Please visit our Patron Page and help us grow!



We are brothers William(funny looking guy on the left) and Derak(additionally strangely funny looking guy on right) Green. The handsome chap in the middle sitting in the wheelchair is our Dad who was unfortunately taken from us a few years ago after a lengthy battle with ALS. He is the man who instilled the values in us of quality, value and great work ethic. We are the engine behind the Cre8 brand.

Cre8 Tees will strive to deliver unique quality clothing and establish brand recognition. We like to keep the "small business feel" of our service, even as we expand. Currently, we actually physically shop for each piece of our inventory and raw materials to bring you our quality product. Know that in each item we produce, we have designed, revised, shopped for the right fabric and style, collaborated with our embroiderers and/or screenprinters, branded and tagged to ensure your happiness in the end result. That's right...the Owners/ We also personally tag and ship each item that we sell. Hey, even when requested, we will autograph your personal purchase. We do not take your business lightly because we have learned that the key to a successful business lies in the happiness of you, the consumer.

Cre8 was officially relaunched in October of 2015. Previously, the Cre8 Brand was established in September of 2012 by Derak Green,who is the solo graphic designer at this time.To those that are familiar to the Cre8 Tees brand, we thank you for your support and past sales. We have decided to use our 40+ years of combined Sales and retail management experience to refocus our branding and selection to deliver the best product possible. Thank you again for choosing us! Please help spread the word by sharing Cre8 Tees with family and friends. 

A portion of our sales will be donated to the ALS Association for a cure.

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Cre8 8 Block Double Patch Logo Cap Gray

Black Embroidered Cre8 Cap

Cre8 Bearded Skull Tee

Iconic Bearded Skull tee. Black Ultra Soft ...

Cre8 Old diamond Tee

Old Typography style diamond tee

Cre8 Illest Tee (pre sale)

...we may possibly be the illest. buy pills online without prescription